Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day

This is last years tribute to Star Wars May-the-fourth-be-with-you day but i still think its funny (well kinda) so hey. Below is my twitter outburst... :

New star wars movie: napolean dynamite star,jon heder, playing the role of luke skywalker. Fans beware. Rumour has it hes bringin his dance shoes

New star wars movie: fans eager to know who will be playing princess leia... Seriously? No! They are all too interested in r2d2 and c3po. Sorry leia

New star wars movie: pierce brosnan, desperate for a comeback after ruining mama mia and ghost writer, is said to be playing the wookie. We'll never know. But recent photos show him growing his hair.

New star wars movie: robert downey jnr to play the role of luke skywalker's uncle due to his busy schedule. Iron Man star says that he just can't not be a part of something this legendary. Catch him somewhere in the fifth movie...  for five minutes. 

New star wars movie: Elijah wood turned down the role of anakin in fear that it may concrete his reputation of always playing the wuss. He's gay-ing of the character Frodo also have producers a bit worried that him playing the role may make viewers think that Anakin had ulterior motives for turning to the dark side. ahem.

New star wars movie: craig traylor (played stevie in malcolm in the middle and also won teen award for best heavy breather) is to play darth vader. Rumour has it that the grown up Traylor got the role after being caught for midnight prank calls. His deep breathing was so well executed that women were reported to have been 'turned on' whenever he phoned.

New star wars movie: director george lucas refuses to have anythin to do with the new star wars movie, however, he still wants his face on the promo tshirts. This may be the 48th time we see him laughing all the was to the bank.

New star wars movie: padme amidala to be played by natalie portman once more.... she still looks the same as she did ten years ago

New star wars movie: han solo has been removed and replaced with hancock. An equally grumpy and cocky... holy did you get in here?  dont kill me. Im just the mess....

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