Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Library in Motion

On one of my trips to the new King Shaka International Airport, I noticed a book among the the leaflets on a brochure stand: Hot Head by Simon Ing. I thought it was lost but on picking it up, I noticed a sticker that informed me that it was not...

There is a global library in motion called Bookcrossing, with the motto "Make the World a Library". What happens is a person lets out a book, by leaving it somewhere (maybe a park bench or a telephone booth) with a message explaining Bookcrossing. Someone finds the book, logs into the site and confirms that the book has been found. They read and then leave it to be found somewhere else.

These books may travel across the world, and with the site, you can watch the book move across boundaries and cultures or go hunting for a book in your area and join the 'adventure'.

There are currently 48 books wafting along in South Africa. One lying at the Durban International Airport among the leaflets on the brochure stand. Two in Gauteng, three in Freestate and 42 in Western Cape... all justwaiting to be found and read and then sent on another journey.

It's not only technology that's bringing the world together... in fact, technology isolates the world. You can't hold up your laptop and feel or smell the words off a page or letter.

I think Bookcrossing is a fascinating concept. To find out more, or perhaps to go hunting for a book, check out the site: http://www.bookcrossing.com/about


Q said...

That's seriously cool. I wanna do it, but I heart my books too much.

Why is the book you found still on the brochure stand. Did you leave it?

Tharuna said...

Yeah my sister got paranoid about it so I left the book at the airport. Its prob gone by now though lol