Thursday, September 9, 2010

The death of social media

Working has changed my interaction on the WWW. Before I could rattle away about anything I deemed worth rattling about, but now there's always doubt. I tend to ask:
Who's reading this?
What repercussions will it have?
How will people react to what I am saying?
Why am I saying the things that I am?

Generally, after one of my Twitter tirades, I look back and delete half the stuff that I tweeted.

I delete the EVIDENCE.

And here lies the paradox of social networking. The Internet is meant to be this huge platform for people to say or do what they want... but this platform is still regulated by the real world despite the lack of formal laws.

There is nothing stranger than having someone at work walk up to you and comment on that emo explosion you had on facebook.

What happened?
Are you ok?
Do you need to see someone about it?

At the same time, the restriction and constant awareness is hard to bear. I no longer have a place to rant about my boss or best friend. Even blogging has to be thought out carefully. I feel that I need to be responsible about what I say or Big Brother will find me and prosecute me.

Alternatively I could rant away.  Build a blog readership and....