Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Simple Observation

While walking through the aisles of CNA one afternoon with one of my friends, we noticed:
And when opened:

And when opened:

Just saying!


Jennifer said...

What an amazing observation! Scary.

Tharuna said...

LOL the blue one was actually for 0 - 3 month kids. The girls laptop was for 1-3 years. shhhh! However they didnt have a second laptop for boys... just these 2. it was quite strange

Ryan said...

I wonder who designs this stuff...?

Niv said...

My theory on the lack of an additional model aimed at boys of a later is that no matter how old the kid gets, he will still use his old laptop. In short, its the unique ability of the male human to use the most simplist of tools to tackle the more complex problems

Tharuna said...

@ ryan um... toy manufacturers

@ niv if this was Facebook I would "like" that