Saturday, April 30, 2011

April seems to have flown by, leaving my blog seemingly abandoned. It's been a rather entertaining month with the Neil Diamond concert (no I'm not a fan but post soon to follow); a trip to a shooting training place where I got to fire a gun in the name of journalism; partying with celebrities in Johannesburg for a Magnum organised event (the ice cream, geez get your head outta the gutter) after flying on one of those scary tiny PMB planes (post to follow) and my first experience of the music festival, Splashy Fen, somewhere near Underberg (check out my first ever youtube upload, a splashy fen slideshow accompanied by the article HERE).

But now, I need to sleep. Starting of the new month by working on a Sunday is never a good omen.
But the Autumn leaves have me smiling.

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Cathy said...

Hope on a Sunday in Sleepy Hollow the news is good and you can catch up on some rest.