Monday, May 16, 2011

Just saying

This is one of those sleep-deprived, highly medicated blog posts that will later make me and many readers slightly nauseous. But I'm a South African Indian and us South African Indians are well known for our PDAs.

So... I just wanna say that I have the best friends EVER!! You annoy me, you call me crazy and I hardly ever see or hear from you buggers but I love you guys:)

*goes back to writing column*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things that make me smile

I have a friend at work (shock gasp) who I call Manny because he's always 'shoo'ing' me away when I go to annoy him. Manny as in Manfred the Mammoth from Ice Age (1,2,3 and 4). He's this chilled rock star type (literally a rock star, check his band here and not here) with a stage-worthy gorgeous smile and a generally grumpy work face :)

Naturally I'm Sid. The lazy sloth. Who annoys the grumpy mammoth. And never shuts up.

So on Friday, when I entered his space singing Rebecca Black's Friday, he told me to bug off. And when I called him grumpy, he said that I was Sid in comparison to everyone!

In the last five days, at least four people have asked me or asked other people if I am 'always like this'. This being jovial and smiley... and too an extent, not dissimilar to the hyperactive dog at 2:36 in the below OK GO music video.

I'm not always happy  and, while most people don't tend to believe it, I'm actually a serious person, fairly introverted and tame. In fact, in social situations I tend to be quiet and am generally the listener in relationships.

Life just makes me smile... and sometimes I don't even know that I'm smiling.

It's like that quote from American Beauty:

"it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like
I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that's about
to burst... And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold on to it, and then
it flows through me like rain and I can't feel anything but
gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life"

It's the little things: the sunrises and sunsets, the sounds of birds chirping, the yellowing Autumn leaves floating to the ground in the breeze (living in Durban for so long, my experience with Autumn has been limited), the old man who greets me every morning, the annoying habits of the people I love, the new people that I meet every day, the random conversations, the personalised nicknames that I have for my friends and they have for me... It's endless and it's things that most people don't notice, get annoyed with or take for granted.

One of the things that my dad always mentions is how I taught him to look up at the sky and admire its beauty. The sky always swept me off my feet as a child, and now, every time I'm in Durban visiting, my dad points it out to me, reminding me not to get too caught up in the seriousness of life and let my old beliefs and loves slip away... like most adults do.

Browsing through my old photos, I came across my Cape Town trip in February this year. I stayed at The Courtyard, somewhere in or near Observatory next to a double/triple-fenced mental institution (as one of my best friends pointed out on my last night there causing me to spend most of the night wide-eyed and afraid).

What the hotel does best is pay attention to the small things... and almost everything there made me smile.

The Courtyard has this old feel to it, with an added bit of history here and there.
I especially loved the trees and the Juliet type miniature balconies. Sure its not five star
but it's perfect in its own way

The view of the side of Table Mountain from the entrance. Just down the lane is
a lake with this island that was always covered in birds.
My favourite part was the muffin take away bags. It reads:
"You've taken the Shampoo from your room now take a
Maybe I just find that hilarious cos im Indian!

Another favourite was this table:
"Coffee on the Run"
I wish the place I stayed at had one of these
since Im ALWAYS late and rushing to work.

The place just had me upside down. On the day I left, I was
carrying my bag to the lobby (I have a thing
about carrying my own luggage) and one of the staff
RAN up to me SINGING a made up song that was basically
about why I didnt call him to carry my bags. It made me smile:)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Star Wars Day

This is last years tribute to Star Wars May-the-fourth-be-with-you day but i still think its funny (well kinda) so hey. Below is my twitter outburst... :

New star wars movie: napolean dynamite star,jon heder, playing the role of luke skywalker. Fans beware. Rumour has it hes bringin his dance shoes

New star wars movie: fans eager to know who will be playing princess leia... Seriously? No! They are all too interested in r2d2 and c3po. Sorry leia

New star wars movie: pierce brosnan, desperate for a comeback after ruining mama mia and ghost writer, is said to be playing the wookie. We'll never know. But recent photos show him growing his hair.

New star wars movie: robert downey jnr to play the role of luke skywalker's uncle due to his busy schedule. Iron Man star says that he just can't not be a part of something this legendary. Catch him somewhere in the fifth movie...  for five minutes. 

New star wars movie: Elijah wood turned down the role of anakin in fear that it may concrete his reputation of always playing the wuss. He's gay-ing of the character Frodo also have producers a bit worried that him playing the role may make viewers think that Anakin had ulterior motives for turning to the dark side. ahem.

New star wars movie: craig traylor (played stevie in malcolm in the middle and also won teen award for best heavy breather) is to play darth vader. Rumour has it that the grown up Traylor got the role after being caught for midnight prank calls. His deep breathing was so well executed that women were reported to have been 'turned on' whenever he phoned.

New star wars movie: director george lucas refuses to have anythin to do with the new star wars movie, however, he still wants his face on the promo tshirts. This may be the 48th time we see him laughing all the was to the bank.

New star wars movie: padme amidala to be played by natalie portman once more.... she still looks the same as she did ten years ago

New star wars movie: han solo has been removed and replaced with hancock. An equally grumpy and cocky... holy did you get in here?  dont kill me. Im just the mess....