Thursday, June 30, 2011

"You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake"

Yes, another Fight Club quote as a heading. It's a lingering obsession that started some eight years ago.

It's another end of the month and I'm sitting on the internet, chewing Stimirol Taste Twist, trying to use up my bandwidth before the clock strikes 12. Only problem is, there are tons of other people doing this, making the net so slow thats it's practically unusable. Each month is the same. I should have done this yesterday. Everyone's probably thinking that.

For some reason, we all have this idea that we are different. It's what we are told to make us feel unique and loved. I'm the opposite. I think that I am just like everybody else.

On a night out recently with one of my oldest friends, this conversation came up. My friend was adamant that we were different, that the idea of 'the other' existed... in other words, he believed that we were like the dude in the Stimorol Advert who believes that he can change the flavour of the gum with his mind and I was like the dude telling him that it happens to everyone.

We argued about it for a bit and, like most arguments, I won.

The Stimorol Taste Twist Advert

See, I've always believed that we are defined by the world. regardless of how we defined ourselves. I remember various moments in which I've argued this throughout my life so I'm not sure when I first started believing this. I even had a debate about it with a law lecturer in university one and it was one of the first things I said to this dude I liked while in High School (bad move).

But it's true. In my simpliest example, consider refugees. The come to a country fleeing their own in fear and they make this strange land their new home. They work, they fall in love, they learn the culture and they try their best to just live. However, locals still consider them as foreigners and treat them as such. The external reality wins over one's internal beliefs.

Not that this has anything to do with why I think that we are not special or different.

Like every other animal in the universe, humans have deeply embedded sets of behaviour that are the same among most of, if not all, other humans. It's only when you start looking at the details (such as personality and appearance) do humans differ, but even so, where they differ they are still linked to others who differ in the same way.

The way we think, the things we do, how we react... we're the same. We're one of the masses.

I used to this that the rest of the world was robotic and just lived this simple, happy life free of intellectual thought but I realised that what I once considered to be intellectual was merely obsessive.

Once you let go of striving to stand out, you reach a state of contentment.

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