Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Anti-Humanity on the Net

I found this entry on one of those anonymous blog sites:

"Help plz!!!!
ok so i was on yahoo games and this guy and i was playing checkers and he starts talking to me and i ask him olf old he is he says 25 and i am like ok i tould him i 12 and he didnt care we contuine talking he started to get really wierd he want me to describe how i look and i tould him and he is like ur a doll and he wanted to know how tall i was and then he kept sayin show me ur pretty long legs and im like y and he was really freaking me out he wanted me to cyber kiss him and cyber hug him and i tould him no and he is like do u like to go up and down with ur hips and i am like wtf i kept reminding him im 12 he said age is but a number (stupid right?) so i was going to go to bed and he said u do relize when u email people they can see ur ip address and im like whats that so i google it and he tellss me i think u can find exactly were u live with it and he said that too and i am like wwwhhhhaaattt and so i get back on 10 mins later and i am like u promise u well not kill me or come and do anything and he said only if u..... and i am like tell me so he is like if u want to chat go go to checkers so i go back and we talk and he he is like sit on my lap and i am like y i thought i was one of those things like ur 12 ur young like an 8 year old so it fun to sit on laps no it not he starts asking do u feel something and if i didnt go along with it he said he would come find were i live with my ip address and i am like ok so i went along with it all he wanted me to do was mess with his "thingy" i rather not say want it is i am sure u can figure it out and i stayed up all night last night worried he was going to come kill me and i am scared he is comeing what should i do i havent tould anyone but my friends online i am going to tell my bff tommrow about it but other then that i havent tould anyone and my parents dont know i have a yahoo so i am really scared right now can someone plz help or give me adivce plz plz plz !! "

I wanted to cry. I wanted to find the boy and hurt him. And I'm not even a parent. What the hell is wrong with people?