Thursday, December 1, 2011

A funfair... IN a mall

I'm all for great ideas and new ways of doing things... but a funfair in the middle of a mall... surrounded by restaurants... that's crazy.

While sipping on an amazing cup of coffee trying to enjoy a chilled conversation with my friend from work, I found myself continuously saying, "Sorry, what?" It didn't take long for him to get frustrated. His fist banging on the table, he said, "This sucks. Now we are forced to listen to kids screaming every time we want to go out and eat."

And, that was the problem. With funfairs comes noise and within small enclosed places, things echo. But hey, the mall wasn't the best ideas in the first place, I mean, its a straight, one level, long ass mall... who the hell builds a straight mall with only one floor?!

Gateway shopping mall also has one of these Funtubbles funfair things but its among the games area, away from the rest of the hustle and bustle in the mall. I guess it is a great idea considering the high crime rates and the rising level of impatience among humans thanks to the advancement of technology. It's giving kids the opportunity to experience a real childhood, away from computers and xboxes and playstations... but it's no where near the same as the funfairs that would come around every year as a child - the cold wind beating on our face, the bright lights spinning in the darkness and that intense fear mixed with pure excitement... Hmmm...

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