Tuesday, September 25, 2012


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When I first got into stand up comedy, I was told that its only funny if its dissing something or someone - be it you, your best friend, your community, a politician, a pineapple, your dog, someone else's mother's vagina.... it goes on.

Bragging battles and insult wars have been going on for  years from "Your mama is so..." jokes to the more materialistic interactions by Skothanes to the non-verbal F U's of 'better than thou' expensive gifts and possessions.

What it is that makes us compare the size of our penis on public platforms or watch the whole Roast of Steve and attempt to join in with our own insults on Twitter, Facebook and whatever other social sites subscribe to?

People often debate the existence of trolls on the internet, trying to fathom where all this hate and angst stems from....

Life has always been a measure of stature and rank. Everyone wants to be at the top. And, to be at the top, everyone else has to be beneath you. It one of the strongest links between different cultures, religions, races and nationalities; even in cultural groups where the betterment of the community is placed above individual goals.

And what better way is there to show that you are above everyone else than to insult them? Which means that comedians, historical jesters and every other funny person are, by default, better than everyone else... Awesome! For the first time, my choice of career path is starting to make sense... even if its the distorted type.

As for the roast of Steve last night - he seemed too comfortable in his braai stand chair to have even been a little burnt. Fail... (that's how I prove that I'm better than the roasters)